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Have you ever heard about UPCYCLING?

An old fashion trend that is back.

If you like vintage, you will love Upcycling.

The upcycling is an ethical and stylish approach.

Even better than recycling, Upcycling is used to raise the state of an original piece, mottled, worn or unsold. Then bring back to work it, embellish it in an aesthetic and functional way, offering a fuller life.

A light way to tie our love for clothes and the environment

The history of today’s fashion figures is terrifying.

The global consumption is high:

“80 billion new clothes every year.

That’s 400% more than the amount we consumed two decades ago. “_Truecost.

Especially those of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, presented in November 2017 by Stella McCartney:

“Each year, only 1% of the textiles produced are reused and 500,000 tons of microfibers are released into the ocean. “

Upcycling can contribute to this, it implements a more circular economy model.

A circular economy consists of using resources for as long as possible, making the most of their use, restoring them and reusing them once they have finished.

Conscious and in love with vintage, the upcycling is a way for me to create finely through hand-made pieces, found in the old little shops of local artisans. Giving a new life, without any weight of production on the conscience and especially the environment.

And all in making you discover local fabrics and techniques.

So, are you UP?

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