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This legend was born from the last century and prodigious south coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The rivers that come down from the Sierra Madre become the power and the sea.

A place where nature is present in everything.

In 1580, when the pirates who attacked the merchandise ships (history of the Manila rebozo) and theorized the waters of the Pacific.

This coast offered desert bays and mouths of several rivers where soft currents were found for boats, perfect to anchor, rest or hide.

Within the different legends and stories of the times of piracy, we are interested in two brothers, corsairs of the English navigations, who rebelled becoming pirates.

The legendary brothers, Andrew and Francis Drake, alias the Dragons, known for their thefts and cruelty. We use their classic large ships of the English navigation to deceive their rival and attack the suppressors.

After an important conflict against Spanish ships and wanted by English ships. The legend tells that the brothers separate themselves from the turbulent and dangerous waters of the caraibes.

Andrew Drake made his way farther north when Francis Drake stayed in the south with greed for piracy, looking for a place to hide and take his boat in calm waters.

The Captain appeared a desert bay, the next mouth of a river called EL RÍO DE COLOTEPEC, where the hope of taking a few days of tranquility took place. Sure, eyes glued to the horizon …

A few weeks before the arrival, Captain Francis Drake kidnapped a young Mixteca * woman, further south in the town of Santa María Huatulco, the young woman was called JOSEFA.

Captain Drake with his strict guard in his personal room.

Arriving at this bay surrounded by a strong tropical vegetation, it was the moment so long awaited by Josefa.

With all courage, the young Mixteca woman found a way to escape, jumped overboard to the sea paddling as fast as possible. Josefa reached the shore and hid in this mysterious tropical jungle, where she was found in the last steps in the sand.

With all his courage, Captain Drake ordered to look for it in all the jungle and the beaches of the whole day and the night, but it did not obtain any result.

Captain Drake took the road south again.
He never forgot about that woman he named “LA ESCONDIDA” instead of his real name: JOSEFA.

Every time you came back, I ordered new searches but I could never find it.

Captain Francis Drake names this bay: THE HIDDEN BAY.
Over time this bay grew as a port used for various goods, mainly for the black gold market, coffee.

Finally, this place in memory of this local pirate legend was named as the expert today, the famous PUERTO ESCONDIDO.

In the memory of the young Mixtec woman JOSEFA, better known as LA ESCONDIDA.

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