Our future start today!

From 2006 to 2015, paper and cardboard was the main packaging waste material in the EU
( 34.8 million tonnes in 2015), followed by plastic and glass (15.9 and 15.8 million tonnes)

You know, I don’t like to listen… “ people waste ” ! get to the roots…who produce packaging ?

When it’s produced, there no away.
We think and want zero impact to be light on this earth.
We dream to buy without feeling ashamed of the packaging. Like all brand should that say so lets produce green.

I found a solution !
Thanks to Margarita and her family for their talents, they Braided palm leaves giving life to our fresh and natural packaging and not just zero impact. We offer you some tips to use your packaging in different way for giving him a second life or just throw away in the compost.

Our labels are made with recycle material an the printing is also green.

To keep the mind in peace


It was out of the question to give life to the Chica Chicatana if it was not to create useful but especially with lightness.

Today we are part of an air of consciousness and there is our way\wear.
We are all aware of our impact on the planet, the one and only place that rocks us every day.

Inspired by the essence of local ethnicities, where each plant, flower, seed, each natural element is carefully chosen to nurture, heal and more.
Oaxaca is a place where wool and fiber has been working for millennia. Aware that our planet is an endless circle, all our creations are designed literally to never weigh.

We classify into two distinct ways, without forgetting to keep the flow, “like the thread in a needle”, every collection and creations combined between each others.

The first way, we create it is with a true Vintage clothes. Much more knows has “Upcycling”, it’s consist to recovering from vintage clothes and transforming them to offer a more useful and comfortable life for today’s daily life.
The second way that we create are entirely handmade with love and passion by our crafters, handmade with precious natural and\or innovatives materials, all certified sustainable fibers that we carefully selected.

Our favorite fibers, that you will be able to see in the most of our creations:



Highly sustainable process of production, Hemp fiber have a very long story.We bring its legendary strength back. Made from cannabis sativa plants. Resistant and durable fibers. It keep its shape perfectly, antibacterial, blocks ultraviolet rays and more…



Linen fiber are the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history. know has a perfect luxurious fabric for raiding the jungle life. It’s light, naturally most resistant and made from flax plant fibres.



One of the most knows, cotton have a big reputation. Produced in Mexico since millennials. Strong, light and soft fibers. Our most uses are for threads.



Clothes are the 1st source of primary microplastic to the ocean. So from plastic trash losed in the big blue Ocean of this earth, great peoples are making different  nnovatives,beautiful and high quality