Our future start today!

From 2006 to 2015, paper and cardboard was the main packaging waste material in the EU
( 34.8 million tonnes in 2015), followed by plastic and glass (15.9 and 15.8 million tonnes)

You know, I don’t like to listen… “ people waste ” ! get to the roots…who produce packaging ?

When it’s produced, there no away.
We think and want zero impact to be light on this earth.
We dream to buy without feeling ashamed of the packaging. Like all brand should that say so lets produce green.

I found a solution !
Thanks to Margarita and her family for their talents, they Braided palm leaves giving life to our fresh and natural packaging and not just zero impact. We offer you some tips to use your packaging in different way for giving him a second life or just throw away in the compost.

Our labels are made with recycle material an the printing is also green.

To keep the mind in peace