Thanks to the mastery of the ancestral knowledge of our craftsmen for giving life to our creations.
An acquaintance part of their daily lives, crossing the generations until today. Working with them are for us a very important part of the Chica Chicatana.

They are the heart of the Chica Chic

In a world where is not pinky shiny every day, we support through the production of our creations, the local economy of the region of Oaxaca in the peaceful south west of Mexico.

For a better future, we add our grain of sand in collaborated with local craftsmen allows them to offer a safety and comfort of work, indirectly a security of the next day, all-by protecting – valorizing their craftsmanship, endangered today.




Back to the source to understanding!
I born in the heart of France, between the volcanos and wild flowers. My love for clothes and fashion has always been. From adventurer and artist family, my mom and grandmother, naturally transmitted, how to sew, to wear and so much more.

Called by the ocean, the soul of an adventurer awakens, lulled by love, i followed my heart. After severals years through Mexican, oaxaqueño culture.
Inspired by incredible peoples, place, art and thinking. Far away from all, i want to share my experiences and knowledge with you, merging all in an alternative way to creat.

An alternative lifestyle brands, named, “ la Chica Chicatana”

Throughout anecdote and stories from my survivor travel notebook, giving life to authentics, unic and minimalist Collection _ chic- elegant – useful, clothes and accessories.

Through this passed years, i gathered some of the best crafters in the four corners of Oaxaca.

Reunite here, we let you know them has our “ team”

Meet them in their authentic story that they wanted to share with you.

We are more than just making clothes.




Guided by love, Guillermina began to domesticate these colorful little creatures: The Alebrijes, strange and mysterious figures of dreams sculpted in copal wood.

A traditional and riddle alebrijes art of Guillermina family that we let you discover.




Maria is our fresh sea breeze. A seamstress formed with total passion for the threads and her place. In the mere legendary port of Oaxaca, in the Mexipipe, Puerto Escondido.

With their talent, precision, and quality,. Maria and her chicas-girls, give life to the crazy designs of the chica chicatana.




Eraclea and her daughter created with passion a cooperative embroidery of traditional cross-stitch blouses, called Chinanteca blouses.

La Chica Chic’ wants to show their work as it’s deserves. to keep in life their real high quality and traditional techniques ( that you can’t found anymore one the global market).

We bring it back for sharing this unic beauty with you.




Maximina, from a very young age, awoke her passion for handcrafts, transforming everything she touched into beauty.

At the age of 12 she began to embroider with the women of her family, developing more and more her talent.

We present the beautiful work of Maxi through the designs of Chica Chicatana




An art in homage to nature, called the “Tenate” that Margarita dominates in her complete life, from her childhood to her high age.

A traditional artisan that allows through the talents of Margarita and her family, to offer a wonderful packaging in total respect to nature and protect our creations.




In the vibes of the 50s, as if time had frozen, Delfino, have 74 years old, and continues to give life to his pretty and wonderful silver jewelry.

Today Delfino is one of the last silver craftsmen of Oaxaca. Come to discover his unique pieces with us.

We will make you dream, We will make you shining.